HEPA Services

The Independent
Controlled Environment Specialist

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The Truly Independent Clean Air Validation Specialist

  • Air Velocities and Uniformity Measurements.
  • Air volume and Air change rates
  • Area and differential pressure measurements.
  • HEPA Filter integrity Tests
  • Airborne Particle Counts Cleanliness levels and classification
  • Recovery tests and Clean up rates with graphical representation.
  • Induction leak testing.
  • Airflow Visualisation report and Video
  • Pressure Hold on Isolators
  • Pressure decay with Temperature and Barometric Compensation.
  • Gauge Calibration.
  • Depyrogenation oven and Tunnel Testing at operating temperature
  • Installation and Validation of EMS systems

Defining sequence of testing can identify issues that may fail the overall certification or raise issues with trending to prevent failure in the future. Identification of test positions and access ports can eliminate deviation in test procedures and reduce certification / re certification time