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Review of services provided by HEPA SERVICES LTD

HEPA Services Ltd has been operating in the Environmental services field for over 12 years and has clients in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Medical device industry and have been maintained by Neil Herriott for over 30 Years.

HEPA SERVICES LIMITED has been servicing our clean rooms for the past twelve years, offering both a calibration and testing service of the facility to current regulatory standards.

Standard benchmarks used throughout the industry have been incorporated into HEPA SERVICES procedures but with flexibility to cater for our requirements.

HEPA SERVICES personnel are well trained and kept abreast with current regulatory requirements and developments, which add professionalism to the service offered. With years of experience and a vast knowledge in the field HEPA SERVICES personnel are also able to provide advisory services and technical support in the management and development of our clean rooms. In order to work with HEPA services in the most cost effective and efficient way, our staff has been trained by HEPA personnel to perform ongoing In-house tests and monitoring of the clean rooms environment as well as conduct minor repairs to clean room panels and assist in filter changes.

HEPA SERVICES LIMITED thus works in close collaboration with our team and as such delivers a high standard of clean room service throughout.

Mr. Jude Shroff
Quality Manager / Director Chelle Medical - Medical Device Manufacturer