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Hepa Services Ltd is an independent Clean Room and Controlled Environment Validation company who provide clients in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Food industry with a comprehensive level of experience and service.

As an independent certification company we can provide anything from overseeing new projects on behalf of the client to a full certification of clean room or controlled environment.

With over 30 years experience of managing and testing controlled environments we can provide services to overcome site issues with CAPA, Mould contamination and Trending (this would be standard practice procedures in our site evaluation).

Using our own test equipment which has been chosen to minimise test time / contamination and are calibrated to National Standards we ensure that production shutdown is kept to a minimum.

Working closely with Management, Quality, Production and Maintenance personnel with our broad experience we can streamline certification of controlled environments to meet current and proposed future international standards.

All certification testing will be carried out by our own field experienced formally trained personnel using test procedures derived from current regulatory standards.

Our Ethos is to provide a service from cradle to grave of the controlled environment with a value engineering approach.

We do not supply equipment or facilities and classify us as a truly Independent Certification Company.


HEPA Services Ltd provides a unique service to the industry that not only provides a test service, but also can assist the user with practical experience on a range of areas from Design of a new installation, modification of existing to maintenance requirements for the life of the facility.

Neil A Herriott
Director HEPA Services Ltd